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Songs I Remembered is a multi-media book / music project that encapsulates the many ongoing lessons I’ve learned so far about my greatest fascination in life: Creativity. My intention when beginning to write this book was to explore the writing process behind some of my songs, but what emerged became much more than that. I wrote about and experienced simultaneously the often uncomfortable “unknowable” that the creative process demands we face; and by listening to the Muse, my heart, my perhaps unreasonable instincts, I completed potentially the most authentic work of my career.

The book includes my personal experiences as a musician and offers some creative exercises that easily cross over to other creative disciplines. Its contents are connected to 33 original songs the reader can listen via QR code on their lyric pages throughout the chapters. It also follows a fictional character, a girl who was (in real life) written into an unfinished book years ago and realizes she does not want to stay stuck in that “limited book”. After going on her quest to open her imagination and leave her limited reality, she develops quite a personality and even went as far as to bully me into giving her a name!

Samples from the Opening Letter

“Dear beloved reader, would you mind playing with me a little? I want to show you something that I find magical. I want to imagine together, create magnificence, and if you lightly join me, we can unite. Let’s start! Before anything else, simply take an empty moment to picture this:”

“The quest toward creative expression defies time, because imagination defies time. My intention has been to create a book that would travel through time from my imagination to yours. My hope is that your imagination is enriched and opened, because, as a servant of the Muse, my deepest wish is for all people to drink from the wells and bathe in the springs of inspiration and beauty for all time.”

“This work is part songbook, part story, part philosophy, part course on creativity, part memoir, part dream, and meanwhile, it is simply a documented process of a woman’s personal growth. The songs, stories, and reflections shared are accounts of my authentic experience –vulnerable, raw, unfiltered– and there’s something far too personal about it all.”