Ila views teaching much like


…it combines language, improvisation, deep listening, and a skilled foundation. Group teaching especially is an opportunity to respond both skillfully and intuitively to what comes up, while always directing the flow of the class toward inspiration. Ila believes that having a truly fulfilling relationship with your instrument requires more than simply learning content. She is passionate about guiding players to examine themselves in the process of learning music, to discover more about their purpose, individual expression, and joy through their practice.


Ila gave me a clear road map that helped me understand the language of western music. Her exercises made me see how music theory relates to the guitar, almost like a manual. What I learned from her is applicable to any style of music. 
Before I met Ila, I had learned how to play guitar from books, a handful of other teachers, and online videos. At some point, I got frustrated because every lesson seemed disconnected from the rest. I felt like every teacher handed me a piece of a different puzzle and I was missing the big picture. Ila handed me all the pieces to one puzzle and showed me how to put it together. 
She also taught me what a healthy practice mindset can look like, how to protect my physical health when practicing a lot, how to have a solid playing technique, how to process new information, and how to become an explorer of sounds. She is a kind teacher, who inspired me to stay curious, to have fun with the instrument, and that it’s a beautiful thing to never be done learning. ~ JULIA
All my life I’ve worked towards truth and connection. Ila is the rare teacher that can offer the holistic approach to protect space for you to learn and open and expand, to meet your true self, your whole self. That uncommon combination of learned knowledge and earned wisdom, Ila can speak to it because she’s living it.
In an increasingly chaotic and complex life, Ila remains dependable. Though she’s always challenged me, she’s been a force of relentless support. Whatever I’m up against, be it childhood conditioning, trauma, or that intrinsic wounded sense self, I’ve never seen her flinch.  When others ran, she stepped up, offering the support to end the guarding of that wound, to expose it to the light the way it always deserved, and then make work of it… so that my creativity can go as deep as it needs, so that I can communicate with conviction, without hesitation. ~ JASON

Ila has helped me progress on the guitar more in a few lessons than I have over twenty years with any other guitar teacher. She has a love for music and it shows profoundly through her teaching. Ila is patient and takes time to explain chord progressions, theory, and technique in a way that is easeful.

Beyond this, Ila helps me to feel the music I am playing. To not just learn my instrument by route, but to listen to how each note, each chord progression has its own way of expressing itself within my being. I am excited to practice and find myself sitting with anticipation for our next lessons together! Because of this I am progressing quickly and have a newfound excitement for playing guitar.

I can’t thank Ila enough for her dedication to teaching and love for creating music that speaks directly to the soul. ~ RACHEL

If I had to describe Ila as a teacher, it would be:

Intuitive: This kind of insight into a student’s journey can only come from a teacher who has walked a deep and resonating path on their own. It’s comforting to know that Ila has walked those trails before me and can see, on an intimate level, exactly where I am in my process. In the end, I know this journey is mine to explore alone. Still, it feels less daunting knowing that Ila can help guide me past any obstacles I may encounter.

Challenger: All great teachers challenge their students, and Ila is no exception. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from her is that the relationship I seek with the guitar is sitting there waiting for me to explore. She constantly pushes me to go deeper and find the gold that only I can mine from this musical journey. When you learn in that way, it becomes a part of you. Ila doesn’t teach you how to play guitar. She teaches you how to have a relationship with the instrument and become an artist in the process. That’s her gift. ~ PETER

I am very excited to have found Ila to coach me on my journey as a guitarist. I have been playing for many decades, on & off, but was never able to advance beyond an intermediate level. She was able to meet me where I was, assess my abilities, and begin to fill in the holes that were preventing me from advancing. She is a rare blend of experience, a talented player and performer, and a gifted and patient instructor. It is clear to me that she is invested in, and takes pride in the success of her students. This combination of elements makes Ila such a joy to work with. I highly recommend her no matter where one is on the path as a guitar player. – GEOFF

First and foremost, she is truly devoted and involved with teaching and playing guitar. Her expertise and experience is a culmination of years and years of not just training but also of truly exploring the guitar with curiosity and infatuation. This passion and devotion send a message of hope to her students that with an intelligent labor of love, one can break through the maze called the fretboard.

She taught me step by step, careful to include anything that might help me advance even the least little bit. She focused on basics which is what I needed. She dove deep into them after she saw that this was most compatible with my learning style. This was all done with a spirit of respect and joy, nothing condescending.

She also gave me the feeling that I can succeed and that she believed in my abilities. She gave me skills that would help me advance on my own and then told me that the keys to growth on the instrument are based on my inner struggles and that I’m capable of growing on my own. Even with all the passion and discipline she maintained contact with the larger picture and stressed normalcy which took the pressure off and relieved me.

She was always on time and very professional. Everything she said was very intelligent and to the point. Her demeanor was upbeat and relaxed.  She appreciated the humor. She was always willing to listen and encouraged my questions. Her intuition to understand me and “get” what I needed was unusual. She is a teacher par excellence. She helped me immensely just to focus and become solid on the basics. I highly recommend her to any serious guitar student. – R.S

“When we approach our guitar practice as an opportunity to discover ourselves, our habits, thoughts, emotions, desires, pains, passions, and wisdom, then we are empowering our self expression. We are giving rise to a voice inside that came here with us to say something, teach something, embody something.” ~ ILA

“Our goal is to learn how our music may be like a mirror. In essence, we gather to hone our self-expression for the betterment of all who we touch.” ~ ILA